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Welcome to the Chrysler Neon Frequently Asked Questions!  This site is intended to be a source of information for anyone interested in the Neon, whether new owner, Enthusiast, commuter, or beginning racer.  Many of these topics appear in the Neon Mailing List and the message boards on a recurring basis.  Hopefully, having this resource kept current will lower the volume of repeat discussions.

This FAQ has been substantially reorganized and updated since its origins in the early days of 1995.  There are now more than a million and a half Neons on the road, and thousands of Neon Enthusiasts.  The original FAQ was geared to introducing the car to the world at large.  For this version, the focus has changed toward the person who already owns (or is strongly considering) a Neon, and wants to find out specific details about the car.  Questions are answered in "technical laymanís" terms, with explanations wherever possible.  Emphasis has been placed on factual information; any opinions are clearly labeled as such.  Great care has been taken in choosing sources of opinion.

Information is provided with as much background as possible.  Consequently, there are very few one-liner answers.  If you do not see a specific question listed, try reading other answers that seem relevant.  Most likely, the information is contained under a slightly different topic somewhere.

Some of the information previously included in the How-To section of this site is incorporated here.  Also included are part numbers and other information that has been compiled, but has not yet found a good home.  Please see the credits below for more information.  There is also a revision history, which will highlight the changes.  New or substantially changed items appear in pink.

Thanks to all:

Thanks to everyone (especially Jeff Ball) who contacted me with tips and sightings of Nitro Yellow Green ACRs.  The quest is over, and though I did not find the NYG of my dreams, I found an irresistable (for me, anyway) deal on a Bright White '95 Plymouth ACR Sedan.  It's currently awaiting skunk stripes so it can be twins with my wife's '95 Dodge Sport Sedan.

Table of Contents

1.0    Neon Models

2.0    Neon Engines and Transmissions

3.0    Neon Suspensions

4.0    Neon Brake Systems

5.0    Neon Miscellaneous Information


The original FAQ was compiled and maintained by Susan Goetcheus in early 1995.  It was revised and expanded in 1996/97 by Patrick J. Hennessey.  This version is copyright 1998 and 1999 by Duke Wilford and  Anyone is invited to submit questions, factual answers, or editorial comments to the current FAQ editor, Duke Wilford <[email protected]>.

There have been many contributors to the FAQ over the years, and some have been forgotten.  Information used verbatim from other sources is quoted and credited; names of people who have furnished information appear in the answer text.  However, a few sources deserve extra thanks for the vast quantity of information they have provided:  Erich Heuschele, a Chrysler chassis engineer and prolific Neon racer, has been very generous with his knowledge and insight; Greg Smith, another Chrysler technical employee and racer, has spent untold amounts of time looking up specs, part numbers, production figures, and a million other facts.  Please note that any items from Chrysler employees included here have been provided on a strictly personal basis, and are not to be considered as official DaimlerChrysler Corporation information or opinion.

Much of the technical information in this FAQ was taken from another excellent source:  Grassroots Motorsports magazine; specifically the "Everything You Always Wanted To Know" Neon article in the July/August 1998 issue.  GRM is a small magazine of excellent quality, geared toward amateur racing, autocross, and modest-budget cars (and enthusiasts).  It can be found at Borders Books and other large newsstands, and is available by subscription.  See their website for subscription information.

Revision History

02/13/99:    Version 3.0 posted at the website.
04/23/99:    Version 3.1 added the Miscellaneous Information section, and additional questions to the Suspension and Drivetrain sections.  Expanded the Models section slightly; corrected information throughout the FAQ in response to feedback.
01/13/00:    Version 3.2 added the Performance Modifications section, and expanded the Troubleshooting and Maintenance section.  Additional information inserted for the Models section and the Longer Essays.  Various corrections and clarifications made throughout the FAQ.

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